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What Is Testimonial Video Production & Video Marketing/Video SEO?

The first part of building a residual income with your current website design client base is offering a tangible product with a one-time charge and low entry point. We start by creating high quality testimonial videos focusing on your clients 5 star online reviews. These videos feature Hollywood style production with professional spokesmodels and eye catching graphics. The video above is a prime example.

We produce the videos with very little input from the client since we can collect most of what we need from their “Google My Business” profile online in addition to images they have within their profile or on their website. Turnaround time on the testimonial video production is 5 business days. Once the video is created, we share it with you and allow you to upload it to your customers channel.

A 30 day “Video SEO Boost” for proper Video Marketing will be included in the offering to your clients so that they can see what is possible with video SEO and will also allow you to up sell into a monthly recurring service once the video is ranking on YouTube and Google.  If they choose to continue with the video SEO at a monthly price, you can sign them up for a monthly recurring billing cycle. Boom! You just increased your average order value and set yourself up for monthly recurring revenue with no additional workload put on your team.

It is really that easy but seeing is believing. Give us a call and we can produce a high quality testimonial video showcasing one of YOUR 5 star reviews. The 30 day “Video SEO Boost” will be included so you can see how effective our Video SEO service can be. We also want you to see how efficient our white label video testimonial and white label SEO service really is!

White Label SEO Reports

The Lucid Leverage SEO reseller program is built to be resold right out of the box with a complete “white-label” solution. That means that your branding is on the monthly reports along with your logos, phone numbers and taglines. 100% private label. Our reports come in a variety of formats that you can style as you please or resell them just as they are. Your clients will never know that we built the links for you!

Need help selling SEO?

We create a professional testimonial video to help you attract clients & sell them SEO services by first delivering a tangible product. We also work with your team and give them the tools needed to introduce this superb SEO service to your clients. When you’re done, you’ll be able to confidently offer SEO to your client base and beyond.

Amazing Support

The Lucid Leverage Reseller Program was designed with amazing customer service as our top priority. Our support team and SEO consultants are here to go above and beyond to help you expand your client offerings while helping you make more monthly residual income. Whether it’s helping you get more from your digital marketing campaigns or just answering any questions, you can depend on Lucid Leverage.

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