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Performing SEO since 2005, our team has worked with clients from every state in the United States along with clients in the UK, Australia and Canada. Our customers range from the two person plumbing crew in Houston, Texas or Chicago, Illinois to the multi- million dollar e-commerce business based in New York CitySan FranciscoLos Angeles or West Hollywood, California . We serve customers in many industries from plastic surgeons, lawyers, contractors, jewelry designers, personal trainers, accountants and even other SEO companies that need “white-label” service.

We pride ourselves in helping small local businesses because we know your struggle. Getting new customers is always a challenge and getting new leads can be very expensive when using traditional marketing methods or Adwords.

Lucid Leverage SEO is for winners! We turn small budgets into strong marketing campaigns. We go up against the “big boys” in your industry and we BEAT them every day. That's our job and we always make it happen. Above are YouTube videos of just a few of our most successful customers. These videos are also an example of the Hollywood quality video production we will perform for you to showcase all of your happy customers. Together; Our expertise, partnerships and diversified approach will ensure steady growth in any market to grow your business.

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