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Why SEO Is So Important

That leaves very little searches for the rest of the millions of pages listed. SEO is the only way to capture that top spot. This reflects positively on your brand, your reputation and your bottom line.

When someone does a search for information, what is shown on page 1 is perceived to be the most trusted answer.
When someone is searching for a local business or service, whatever shows on page 1 is perceived as being the best choice for the customer's money.
Using SEO to get a better ranking allows your customers to have better trust in your brand, which leads to more sales.

SEO is one of the most important services to your local business. No longer do people rely on phone books and printed directories to know where to shop. They use the internet. If your business is not listed at the top of the search engines, then your competitors are… And they are winning.

Gaining better visibility through SEO allows for your business's message to be heard, your products purchased and your services used. 
Without SEO, your are begging for referrals. Crossing your fingers and pleading with a higher power for help. Businesses that use SEO tend to stay in business longer.

How We Help Your Business Grow With Search Engine, Reputation and Social Media Marketing

We are SEO, Social Media Management & Online Reputation Marketing Specialists . Getting organic traffic to your website, social media and YouTube videos is what we do best. Every business is different so we customize digital marketing strategies to fit every one of our clients.  Reputation Marketing is new and gives you an edge on the competition. We make sure that potential customers see your positive reviews first on Google!

Taking a diversified approach to SEO ensures that you will have long term visibility on the search engines no matter what your competitors do to stop you. In other words, we not only focus on your website… but we also focus on your social media to get your Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube videos ranked and searchable on Google.

SEO can be dangerous in the wrong hands and when you do make it to the top page of Google, some unscrupulous competitors may engage in “Negative SEO” to hurt your traffic and damage your brand. That is why we stay diversified in our strategies and also specialize in Online Reputation Management (Reverse SEO) to ensure that your positive reviews are seen on the top page of Google.

Our SEO services are effective and follow industry best practices. When you partner with Lucid Leverage, your business and brand will not only benefit from superior SEO results but also our experienced marketing consulting. Getting the visibility and traffic is the first step. We also help with writing the persuasion copy to convert visitors into leads and more sales. There is an art and science to internet marketing and we will guide you through the process to ensure your business is prepared to handle the relevant visitors looking to do business with you!

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